About Us

  • Kishor Mandalia

    Kishor Mandalia is credited for making Zaveri & Co. Pvt. Ltd. a name to reckon with in the international market. An expert in Diamond trading and Bullion mechanics, he is credited with the implementation of many new market ideas. He is acknowledged as a man with vision and is often entrusted as the company’s pathfinder.

    Experience : 40 years in Jewellery Business (Gold, Silver & Diamond)

    Profile : Looks after the Bullion Business, Imports and Exports, Commodity Trading and Trading in Share and Securities, Business of Power Generation through wind and Hydro, Managing and Running of SEZ Unit and Gold Refinery.

  • Yash Mandalia

    Yash Mandalia has his bachelors from Jain University, Bangalore and a masters from NMIMS, Mumbai. He has just the knowledge and experience needed to ensure the smooth functioning of Zaveri & Co. Pvt. Ltd.’s day to day business growth. After joining the Zaveri Group, he showed his entrepreneurial skills by diversifying the company in the gold business through hard work and achieving set targets.

    Experience : 10 years in import of Gold and Silver Refinery, procurement of Gold dore bars, management of Zaveri Refinery and heading shares and security division of Zaveri group

    Profile : His dynamic nature makes him the ideal person to handle the equity business and investments of Zaveri Group, along with the family portfolio through research and expert advice.

  • Vipul Mandalia

    Vipul Mandalia is the new face of Zaveri & Co. Pvt. Ltd. and is responsible for introducing the company as a major player in international markets. The youngest member of the Zaveri family, he represents the future of the organization – bright and ready to take on the world.

    Experience : 14 years in Forex, Derivatives, Import & Exports of Gold, Silver & Cut & Polished Diamonds.

    Profile : Engaged in the procurement of finance and risk management in import & export of Bullion, etc. Actively handling and managing both the Gold Refinery, in particular the procurement of Gold Dore Bars and Production.

  • Sneh Zaveri

    Sneh Zaveri completed his masters in International Business, Greenwhich University in London. He is a professional with rich experience in the realty sector, he is responsible for the Real Estate Buiness in the Zaveri Group.

    Sneh is a visionary who believes in creating memorable experiences for his customers and buyers, thus ensuring lifelong association. He has created a unique real estate platform that caters to the intricate needs of modern lifestyles.

    His dedicated endeavours have channelized his mission to efficiently develop exceptional living and working spaces for the new Indian global professionals.

    Experience : 8 years in real estate & power business.

    Profile : Looks after the real estate, power sector & stock market business.